7 Tips on Making a First Good Impression

7 Tips on Making a First Good Impression

Whether you are going for an interview or meeting someone for the first time, you should know how to make a good impression that would last.

Here are some tips on how you can make a lasting great impression to anyone.

  1. Dress appropriately

Let’s be honest. A lot of people take inventory of what you were wearing and how you looked the first time you met them. If you want to be remembered the way you want it to be, dress for the occasion. If you are going to a meeting, wear something business-like, and if you are going to a ball or a formal evening, then you can dress up to the nines. Be sure to ask what attire should be appropriate to wear and do not mix them up. Stay simple and classy as possible when it comes to wardrobe.

  1. Don’t be late

As the saying goes, “If you cannot come on time, come before the time.” Late comers do not sit well with time-conscious people. Be respectful of other people’s time and arrive early on your meetings. Should you be late for an appointment, be sure to inform your friend or colleague and acknowledge when you will arrive.

  1. Be careful with your body language

Many people are not aware that their habits are being watched by others. If you have a habit of biting your nails or picking your hair, try not to do it in front of other people. They may view it differently and might have a negative impact on your meeting. Stay calm and be confident.

  1. Smile

Even when you are having a bad day, try to smile when you are meeting someone. Being grumpy in a meeting will definitely create a negative atmosphere. Focus on the moment and put on a smile. People will naturally think that you are easy to get along with, and you will be surprised how a simple smile can change the mood in a room.

  1. Be positive

Aside from smiling, keep the vibe positive. Do not go over your problems in front of other people. If you are feeling a little low, listen to an upbeat music on your way to the meeting or don a wisp of lavender. These will immediately calm your nerves.

  1. Speak up

Since you are in a meeting, people would like to hear your opinion. Speak up when you are being asked or if you want to say something, respectfully ask if you can speak up. This way, everyone will hear you clearly. And do not lose eye contact when you speak and as much as possible, keep the conversation light.

  1. Listen and pay attention

Listening is an important attribute or habit that everyone should practice frequently. In some countries, it is rude for anyone to not pay attention to those who are speaking in front of them. Listen to what others is saying. Pay attention to the topic so you will an idea what the conversation is all about. And if you have an opinion, voice it out nicely. And if necessary, turn off your cellphones to avoid distraction.