5 Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Water Bottles

5 Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic has been man’s companion ever since this industry expanded. It became a form of storage for a number of things, including beverages. You can see disposable plastic bottles, from sodas, milk, and even drinking water. It became quite useful since it is does not deteriorate easily and it is a good choice for storage.

Also, plastic bottles became a big problem in our community. According to Container-recycling.org, more than 60 million plastic bottles were being thrown in landfills everyday in the United States, not counting other countries. To add, almost a million plastic bags are being used in a minute.

But you can help in making sure the numbers don’t go up. By reusing your disposable plastic bottles, you can help save the environment and get your creative juices working. Here are some ideas on how can reuse your plastic bottles creatively

  1. Mailing Tube

Need to send stuff to someone? Get a couple of plastic bottles and decorate them to be your mailing tube.  Simply put the things you need to send on the plastic bottle and decorate it with stamps and ribbons. The sender and receiver can reuse it anytime they will send out mails to each other.

  1. Jet Pack Costumes for Kids

No need to buy your kid a new Halloween costume! Customize by using two 1 liter plastic bottles. Spray it with matte gray or silver spray paint and attach it to a cardboard with straps or garters. For added effect, put a red and orange Japanese paper on the bottles’ opening to serve as the jet pack’s fire.

  1. Make cherry blossom art

Fond of cherry blossoms? Use the bottom part of the bottle as a stamp. Dip it in pink paint and simply stamp it on your canvas. You can make a simple and classy art in no time!

  1. Baby Mobile

Save money by making your own baby mobile out of plastic bottles. Cut the plastic bottles in different shapes and paint them with different colors. Once you are done painting, punch the holes on the plastic shape you created and tie them to cord. Lastly, create a circular shape wire that will hold the cords of paint plastic shapes.

  1. Bowling Pins

In need of a weekend sports activity? Create your own bowling alley! Get a couple of plastic bottles, fill them with water and close the cap firmly. Arrange them into bowling pins and you can hit them with your bowling ball!

Always remember that everything can be reused and recycled. Just use your creativity and you will be able to create something out of the ordinary, and at the same time, help save the environment.

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