Secrets to know about gender selection

Gender selection is a latest technique through which people can choose the gender of their upcoming child. Basically this technique was introduced to help those people who are suffering from infertility issues but then this technique gradually developed. It is not necessary that this technique will provide 100% results every time because it may fail in some cases. If this technique will go 100% without any risk then the balance of humans will go out of control which will prove to be hazardous for the survival of mankind. This technique is also very expensive that not every body can afford to go for it. There are many centers of gender selection in Dubai but none of them provide or give assurance of 100% success rate. People with infertility issues want to get a healthy baby through this procedure but some time it will become necessary for them to go for gender selection when there doctor in IVF clinic in Dubai told about any disability which is linked with a certain gender. Following is the process of this technique:

Firstly a specialist of embryology removes a cell from the embryo by using a special method in which he used a glass needle and a laser to carefully remove the cell. People may think that this procedure will harm the embryo but that’s not the case because the procedure was taken by a specialist with proper care and it will not damage or harm the embryo in any way.

Then the specialist will analyze the cell removed from the embryo, in the laboratory with a microscope. This will be a time taken part because the analysis should be close to accurate so that the desired results can be taken. Quality of the embryo and the chromosome carried by the embryo is of immense importance in this regard. Only those embryos will be selected which are of high quality and also have the same chromosome which is required that is XX for a girl and XY for a boy. A sperm will contain either X or Y chromosome and the egg will contain only X chromosome so if the Y chromosome containing sperm fertilize the egg then it will produce a boy and if X chromosome containing sperm fertilize the egg then it will produce a girl.