There are people who are so fed up from their country that they try to run away from it at any cost and for this they get the wrong way of illegal immigration as they think it will be ok for them. They may save their money which they have to pay to the immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada and money for getting visa but the reality is that they put their whole life in to a risk. If they get caught they may get jailed forever or get deport from the country having permanent ban on them. There are many other disadvantages which you can see below:

Low income: No matter how educated and skilled they are if a person get illegal entry in to a country then they cannot work their legally. Their employers know that and they took benefit of this thing. Employers force them to do more work than other employees and they give less salary to them because these illegal people cannot launch complaint against this action. They will be helpless in this situation.

Jaded: It is related to the disadvantage discussed above but in addition, these people will not get a good place to live instead they are forced to love in small rooms with several other people. Some of the landlords even get tenants in shifts so that a person cannot live there all day; he has to leave the room in the night if he gets the day shift. All the benefit goes to the landlord and the tenant will get nothing but humiliation and disgrace in this situation.

No freedom: They will not get freedom to live there; they have to be in constant fear of getting caught. This fear will hinder in so many ways like they cannot go for shopping their necessities or for their grocery. They cannot go easily to the restaurants and if they go then they have to behave very carefully because one act of carelessness will expose them and they will be out of that country forever. There are many other reasons for which people should not go the illegal immigration instead they should go to best Australian immigration consultants in Dubai and try to get to through the proper way if they want it love a good and respectful life in any country.