Tips on maintaining marble & granite floors & countertops

Many people around the world use granite and marble for their countertops and floors, particularly in the kitchen. The reason for this is rather simple: these materials have the potential to enhance the household as no other can. Both granite and marble are very popular, because of their durability as well as their unique coloring. There are no two exactly same pieces of marble or granite in the world, a fact well-known and much appreciated by everyone.

Marble in average is much harder to maintain as compared to granite, which is a fact that might put you off making it a part of your Dubai kitchen design. You need to be careful when cleaning your marble not to use any acidic substance as it will surely leave spots. Sometimes, even water that is left on the marble for a longer period can cause dirt spots on it. It’s recommendable that from time to time you use dust mop for cleaning marble countertops and floors. If you want your floor to fully shine, it is highly recommended for you to indulge in a bit of wet mopping with warm water and pH cleanser. As far as kitchen countertops are concerned, reacting immediately is of greatest importance. Just clean the place once you see the spill and the countertop will be alright.

Apart from the regular maintenance, you can always call professional granite and marble cleaning company that can help you restore the shine of your marble. Yes, there are actual companies out there that can help you out in this regard. They use sealing cod to seal spots and gaps in the marble. For high traffic areas in your restaurant interior design Dubai, it is best for you to call them every six months so that the quality and appearance of your marble and granite floors and countertops can remain the same. As far as granite and marble countertops go, the best way to protect them from possible damages and preserve their shine is with the help of sealants. They are very effective and widely used. From time to time, you will have to reseal your countertop, but that depends on how much traffic the countertop sees over time and if it’s made of granite or marble. For granite and marble countertops, sealants are changed every two or three years, while with marble countertops you need to change them twice a year.