Top 5 Benefits of SMS Marketing for Your Business

Top 5 Benefits of SMS Marketing for Your Business

You have probably received a text message before from a service provider you are subscribed to, or a store you have previously shopped at. Most likely, the text message said they are running a promotion or giving discounts for a limited time – that is SMS marketing, an offline digital marketing strategy commonly used by businesses today to tap into a huge customer base.

SMS marketing is designed to generate leads for businesses through reaching out to potential and existing customers. Globally, more than 8 trillion text messages are sent every year, while the current number of mobile subscriptions across the globe is 6.8 billion, which is almost equal to 97 percent of the world’s current population.

The immense reach of SMS marketing makes it an ideal platform for businesses to create brand awareness among their target audiences and to increase their brand recall and consumer engagement.

Here are the quick 5 benefits of SMS marketing for businesses:

  • SMS messages are sent and received almost instantaneously, providing businesses an almost real-time communication channel with their target consumers. Through this direct channel, businesses have the opportunity to establish a more “personal” and straightforward relationship with their customers.
  • SMS messages can be received anytime and anywhere, which gives a business extreme flexibility in scheduling the time they will send out text messages. These can be strategized and scheduled at optimal times, such as during the lunch break of the recipients or over the weekends.
  • About 97 percent of text messages are opened by recipients within the 15 minutes of delivery, which helps ensure that intended recipients get to read your message and consider your product or service.
  • SMS marketing companies in dubai have databases of users in their relevant geographic locations, allowing their clients to customise their SMS marketing strategy according to age, location, and gender, among other factors.
  • SMS marketing can yield up to 50 percent ROI, especially when used together with e-mail marketing and social media. It can also be seamlessly integrated with other digital marketing strategies, which offers companies a cohesive and multi-channel marketing approach.

SMS marketing is a cost-effective marketing method that is sure to yield returns and generate profits. To use it more effectively, make sure to partner with a trusted and experienced SMS marketing agency that can customise a plan according to your industry, objectives, and allocated resources. If you want to know more about this digital marketing method, you may visit