Payroll Software Features for Small Businesses

Payroll Software Features for Small Businesses

Doing your employee’s payroll manually can be a pain, especially for business owners who are busy running the business. Even human resources and payroll specialist are having quite a hard time doing this, particularly those who are handled large number of employees. Aside from the fact that it is a difficult task, manual payroll system is prone to human errors and discrepancies.

That is why the development of payroll system management lifts the burden of manual payroll. With a payroll software, HR professionals can manage salaries of employees and streamline the process of doing payroll. best erp in dubai vendors offer top notch system that could make it easier for users to process payroll.

If you are a small business looking to manage your payroll or an enterprise company who wants to systematize the way you do your payroll, then look into these features:

  1. Easy to Use

Payroll software should be easy to navigate, especially for first-time users. Since there will a couple of people who will handle the payroll, the system should be straightforward and less complicated. Ask your prospective vendors on the functionality and ease of use. If possible, request for a demonstration and see how if the system is fit for the team. Remember, you will be sharing this with your team members or other HR professionals, so it is a must that the system is user-friendly for everyone.

  1. Can be Customized

The process of payroll would depend on the need and structure of a company, meaning there is no one-for-all solutions. There are systems that offer basic functions and features but be sure that you can customize some of the fields and function based on your company’s needs.

  1. Included Tax Computations Function

Indeed, tax computation can drain the life out of accountants and payroll specialists, so having a tax computation function in your payroll system is a must.  This will answer any issues asked by the employee about their tax and salary concerns.

  1. Solid Security and Back Up

Salaries and compensation of employees are highly confidential information so it is imperative that your payroll system has a rigid security function. Ask your prospective vendors on how secure their system is and in case of system failure, is there a back up plan or system to recover files.

  1. Superb Tech Support

Getting used to the system needs some time and probably you and your team will have questions along the way. Be sure that your vendor or provider is easy to contact should you have inquiries about your payroll system. They should have email and chat support in case of emergencies and reply to your questions within 24 hours.

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